Compliments and Complaints Procedures

Please use the below contact information and process to share complaints, but also let us know if you enjoy particular aspects of our activities, actions, or services. Compliments can be sent to the webmaster at, who will share feedback with the appropriate parties. We want to hear from you!

Grievance Procedure

A Grievance is a perceived wrong or hardship suffered which causes legitimate grounds for complaint. Students have the right to present any personal concern or dissatisfaction regarding their enrollment to the appropriate College personnel and have it considered on its merits.

The problem-resolution process must begin with an attempt at resolution through an informal process. If the informal process does not resolve the issue, the student then has the option to initiate the formal process. The problem-resolution process must be initiated by the student within ten (10) working days of the incident.

Informal Complaint

Every effort should be made to resolve the conflict or problem on an informal basis. An informal process would require the student to talk directly with the staff, faculty, and/or administrator with whom the problem or question exists. During this process, the student should express their concern directly with the other party so that person or group has the opportunity to attempt to resolve the issue. In the event a compromise/solution cannot be agreed upon, the grievance will move from this informal procedure to a formal one. If the student has questions about how to proceed in an informal complaint process, they can email for advising. Some best practices for an informal resolution include but are not limited to:

  • Contacting the college staff/faculty/administrator by phone or email to schedule an appointment, clearly identifying the reason for the meeting

  • During the appointment, be able to identify the concern and present potential solutions, considering existing college policies and procedures.

Formal Complaint

If the informal complaint process does not lead to sufficient problem resolution, the student may submit a formal complaint in writing using the Problem-Resolution Request Form. Once submitted, the student will receive an email from verifying the submission, and an appropriate party from the committee will reach out to the student within 72 business hours of submission.

If the grievance is not resolved at this level, all relevant information should be submitted to the respective area Vice President for action, which may include a Review Panel (LEC faculty, staff and students). All relevant information will be submitted to the appropriate Vice President who will share with the President of the College. The President’s written response concludes Lake Erie College’s provisions for addressing the allegation.

Complaints submitted through the Problem-Resolution Request Form will be directed to the appropriate department at Lake Erie College which include: Academic Affairs, Athletics, Student Affairs, Facilities and Maintenance, Financial Aid, Student Employment, and Emergency Response/COVID 19 Personnel. The contact information for each of these Offices is listed below:

  • Academic Affairs: 440-375-7028/

  • Athletics: 440-375-7480/

  • Student Affairs: 440-375-7509/

  • Facilities and Maintenance: 440-375-7550/

  • Financial Aid: 440-375-7100/

  • Student Employment: 440-465-3168/

  • Emergency Response: 440-375-7509/

The purpose of this procedure is to promote an equitable, orderly resolution of any problems arising at Lake Erie College. It is necessary that each step be followed to assure the student of the proper consideration of his or her grievance. 

Problem-Resolution Request Form

The Problem-Resolution form has been created to provide students with a formal process to submit questions, comments, concerns or problems to College officials about campus policies, procedures, regulations and/or person(s). All information is reviewed and recorded by the Problem-Resolution Committee who will follow up with submissions on a case by case basis. It is encouraged for all students to take ownership of their Lake Erie College Student Experience by completing the Problem-Resolution Form. The form can be found on the Lake Erie College website, in LEO and also here:

For concerns or issues related to Title IX, please click here.